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PSSRG is at the forefront of innovation and research  addressing multiple areas of sustainablility. The group has played a central role in galvinising  a research field exploring surfing and sustainability. However, our work extends beyond these boundaries addressing multiple sustainability related themes.  

The emphasis of the groups work is 'sustainable transitions' which fundamentally involves rethinking our current model of development.  Society requires  a new set of tools and perspectives  for undersatnding how to acheive this transition.  Sustainability requires a radical change in the way that we operate and interact and this can only be acheived through understanding the external and internal governance dynamics of  orgnasiations and the people that are part of them. 


Adopting an inclusive  environment  creates a platform  where sustainability can  be fostered through the transfer of knowledge between  academia, government, NGOs and industry.  Some of the groups outputs and most recent research projects are highlighted on this page.   If you have an idea for a research project of any scale please get in contact




Surfing in Sunset
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